Saturday, April 2, 2011

Affirmations Make You Sound Like an Idiot

Today, as I was flipping through the channels, there was a motivational speaker telling her audience:

"Don't regret anything you've done. Everything you've done has made you the person you are today."


I suppose that works if it's a matter of choosing a profession, deciding to live in the "big city" or even ending a long-term relationship.

But, what if you stole money from your own ailing nanna, or hit your neighbor's dog and never told anyone??

Should you really not bother with regret? If you have absolutely no regrets, you're probably either a sociopath or highly medicated. Either way, nothing to brag about.

Also, there's the other part of the affirmation that is a bit off. The part that suggests that the person you are today is necessarily a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

What if the person you are today sucks?! What if you're a reaaally crappy person?

So, let's rephrase this motivational thought: "Don't regret any of the crappy things you've done in your past, because it's made you the crappy person you are today."


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