Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey, That's My Trash!

It's hard to imagine a world without the concept of property. When we own something, it's ours, fair and square. And theft is a valid cause for anger, whether it's a stolen bike or a coworker passing off one of your ideas as her own. But a recent situation has me scratching my head about this whole "property" thing.

A few nights ago, I was awakened at 1:00 a.m. to an odd rattling and clanking racket outside my window. If anyone has ever seen me shaken from a sound sleep, they'll know I look a little like a newly hatched bird, only a lot crankier.

So, I get my bearings and head over to the window to see what's going on. There, in the midst of several trash cans, is a man rummaging through countless bags of refuse -- MY refuse.

Strange and contradictory feelings began to flood my mind. On one hand, "that's my trash and he has no right to go looking through it," and on the other, "I did just discard all that crap."

Issues of identity theft aside, I never thought I would be angry about someone taking my trash. I don't seem to mind when it's the sanitation worker. And, hey, maybe it was Al Gore doing his part to recycle and save Boston from total submersion into the abyss.

Me at 1:00 A.M.
I eventually decided to go back to sleep and leave the man to his devices -- harmless or not -- because, ultimately, losing sleep is way worse than losing trash.

What are your thoughts? Anyone ever get angry at a dumpster diver?

(Photos courtesy of incendiarymind and Audreyjm529)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Murder Plea for KFC???

Every now and then, an idiot does something so profoundly stupid it shakes our faith in humanity. Tremayne Durham is just such an idiot and his actions have made us all question the future of our society.

According to the recent AP story:
A New York man who pleaded guilty to murder in Oregon in exchange for buckets of fried chicken will get calzones and pizza to go with his life sentence.

Just... WOW!! Apparently all that contrition is making him hungry.

(Photo courtesy of Roboppy)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just three easy payments...

Let me know if you also think this is odd...

I was shopping at the Men's Wearhouse in search of a new shirt. I found one I liked but soon noticed that it was excessively long. So, I flagged down one of the associates who looked like Al Pacino and approached sales like Kevin Trudeau.

Me - "So, I was looking for a shirt and found this one, but it seems a little long. It doesn't say it's a tall or anything. Do you happen to have shirts in the same size, just shorter?"

Al Trudeau - "No. Some come like that so we can tailor them down for a custom fit."

Me - "So, how much does it cost to tailor it down for a 'custom fit?'"

Al Trudeau - "Just a one-time payment of $20."

Me - "OK? So I pay you $20 and you will tailor whatever shirts I buy here?"

Al Trudeau - "No. We'll tailor that shirt for a one-time payment of $20."

I ultimately decided to pass on both the shirt and the tailoring. But on the way home, I kept trying to wrap my brain around the "one-time payment" line until I got a bloody nose. I understand the line if it is a one-time fee for multiple tailoring jobs, but I don't get it if it covers only one shirt. In which case, a one-time payment is the only appropriate option.

Are you aware of any installment plans for tailoring? Like, "Sure we'll hem your pants for just three easy payments of $19.99"?? In which case, the Men's Wearhouse is giving us a bargain.

"Wait! I only have to pay ONCE???!!!!"

Anyone else encounter bizarre sales tactics?

(Photo courtesy of darque9)